Web Design and Development Services


My approach to web design is simple: Find out what you are trying to say, who the intended audience is, and come up with the best way to say it using both written information and visual content. The visual impression plays an important part in the subconscious acceptance of a website—-but only as a supporting role-—and should not overwhelm or distract from the purpose of the site. Clarity and simplicity are always my highest goals.


What are you trying to communicate? What impression are you trying to make? I think of a sliding scale with two extremes: promotional on one end and informational on the other. Where will your site fit on this sliding scale? Once this is decided, the next question is “Who are you trying to reach?” Both of these questions are preliminary to any design idea.

Obviously cost is important as well-—How much do you want to invest upfront and how much will the site cost to maintain? I make sure that initial cost and long-term cost are understood before any work is started.


Even when using technology like Flash, I try to keep the interface simple and appropriate to its purpose, which is in keeping with the current trend of the web in general. My goal is to create cleanly designed, attractive web sites that are easy to navigate and do not break because of over-complexity. I strive to achieve a balance between form and function, visual interest and ease of use.

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