Web Design and Development Services

I've worked with technology since 1987, when our family business (Erdie Industries) got it's first Leading Edge XT computer. From that time forward I've been programming, designing and integrating office work with computers, office networks and the Internet. In 2001 I started a side business designing web sites, which eventually evolved into John Erdie Web Design (which is how the company "name" came to be—-by avoiding coming up with a company name.)

I was an English major in college, and received both my Bachelor's on my Masters degrees at Cleveland State University. During that time I volunteered, interned and was actually paid for some editorial positions on local magazines such as Whiskey Island, Ohio Writer and the Gamut.

Shortly after that I also became more involved in the visual arts—-photography, drawing and painting—-and attended the Maine Photography Workshops for studio lighting and portrait photography, as well as the Cleveland Institute of Art for continuing education in photography, drawing, painting, and Flash.

This combination of writing, visual art and technology led naturally (and happily) to web design.

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